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Kansas City Wedding DJ

Use any track for your first dance, not just what a quartet or band can play. Run a small, invisible P.A. and save money over hiring a separate musician. Package deals are available.

Kansas City Reception DJ

Family elders jive with the vinyl dj setup. You and your guests can bring records to the reception and we will play them on the cleanest mobile system in K.C.

Dee-Jay for Art Gallery and Fashion Shows

Deep progressive house, acid jazz, hip-hop and more.

Company Party Disc Jockey, Music for Corporate Events

Classic and current music, professional and fun. Dancing helps you live longer, so let's get down in funky town.

50th Anniversary Disc Jockey

All the classics on vinyl, the way they should be. We have music from the 40's and 50's on 78, 45 and 33 rpm, plus digital copies on the computer.

About Forever Vinyl DJs

dj turntable and record picture

Kansas City Vinyl DJs began serving Midwest parties in 2001 with vinyl and sound, and quickly evolved in to a full-service event sound and lighting company. Capabilities now include mixing full bands, recording and producing tracks, running audio-visual setups, and providing sound for just about any type of event one could think of. A love for vinyl and the feel of mixing it drives all of us at Forever Vinyl DJs.

DJ turntable tonearms.

About DJ Clint - Owner and Operator

DJ Clint is a K.C. born resident who strives to live a sustainable life through balance of life and love. Recent experience includes working with the Stage Hands Union on concert and theater setup and teardown. Passion for outdoor activities provides time away to reflect and get a true perspective on life. Currently seeking a fusion of rock climbing and bouldering with live music.

DJ Clint at a company party

DJ Clint began the journey into long sexy mixes in the mixtape days just before the new millennium. Imagining a better world like the ones we created weekly, the oldskool crew sought alternatives to building up more in this fragile world. We pondered existence by day and week as we worked, then danced the night and weekend away as a culturally mixed and diverse crowd to the most inclusive music created to date. Production crews brought the best in Trance, Progressive, Drum & Bass, and House Music. We traveled and promoted, ran club nights at a sushi restaurant and sake bar for years, and defined happiness along the way.

Time and passion led to a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, and the research in how to live as softly on Earth as possible took over. I married my 7th grade girlfriend Brook, a B.A. Theater major who became my lighting girl and track flipper. We learned how to grow food, hiked hundreds of miles, climbed incredible summits, and brought the kids along from four months of age. The turntables became only a tool for wedding reception DJ work, but that crowd really didn't understand music as DJ Clint did.

Strong roots never die. Enter LFK, Lawrence Fuxxing Kansas, the start of the Civil War as raiders entered Missouri to free slaves and burn buildings. John Brown led raids to infamy, then Lawrence was burned down in Quantrell's Raid and others. Bands and DJs stop here and skip Kansas City. A strong EDM scene was led by Cicada Rhythms. We saw Bassnectar pre-dubstep when he produced breaks.

We moved to LFK, 30min outside KC metro, to live among the few hippies in KS in a slower pace of life. Monthly DJ sets held at the Kaw Valley Public House started the tables turning again. Beginning with progressive or psychedelic rock records, DJ Clint transitions into more dance style music and ends the night banging some classic deep house records.

  • Eagle Scout and Cub Scout leader
  • B.S. in Environmental Science, May 2k13
  • The only K.C.Green DJ
  • Music Producer, Sound Engineer
  • Found Artist - recycled materials
  • Photographer, Photojournalist


2013 - Married my 7th grade girlfriend Brook, and now we work as a team.

2014 - Started giving DJ lessons. Moved to Lawrence, KS outside Kansas City.

2015 - Worked some really cool gigs. Added the photo booth!

2016 - Big NYE #1. DJ lessons are going strong. New rig around DJM-900NXS mixer!

2017 - Big NYE #2, 5,000 Watts of sound. Upgrade to Driverack PA!

2018 - Big NYE #3, wonderful wedding dj progress. Perfected photobooth

2019 - We are preparing new services, updating packages, and going big!

2020 - Added more amazing albums, DJ Luna started mixing at age 4!

About My Wife, MC Brook

MC Brook setting up the stage

Brook (Donovan) White holds a BFA in Theater from Emporia State University. She is my girlfriend from 7th grade many years ago. We somehow (Facebook) found that our lives had similar goals and values.

The party has been more fun than ever since she joined the team. Brook dances with the wedding guests, fields requests, and keeps me on schedule while I mix the night away. See our preparations in action on the videos page. A husband and wife crew means more fun for you!

About DJ Marck

Marck has been part of the electronic and hip-hop scene with me for over a decade now. We've run gigs for mostly club settings together. Now Marc is bringing his passion for music and dancing to your party with his good vibes. If you want more urban music at your reception, DJ Marck is the man!

About DJ Brad a.k.a. B-Rad

With many years on the turntables and dance floor, DJ Brad earned a name for high-energy and positive vibes. No other DJ in Kansas City picked up a following faster than DJ B-Rad. Has DJ Clint done all your events so far? Request DJ Brad and he will make your party B-Rad.

We worked together on the 30 April 2011 gig in the YouTube video posted on our videos page. We got excellent reviews and had a great time.

About DJ Derek a.k.a. dj de4ek

Derek brings years of experience mixing with DJ Clint and working with all sorts of funky gear and production tools. DJs Derek and Clint can troubleshoot any problem, and together the product innovation is pushed to the max.

Kansas City Vinyl DJs - working together for you.

Derek and Brad have great Vinyl Package reviews from the past, and our personalities work well at handling the tasks and crowd. Book the Grand Package or Vinyl Package for a two-man team - that means more attention to your guests and a more smooth evening. Let's all meet soon and discuss some party details.