Forever Vinyl DJs

FVDJs - The Sustainable Disc Jockey

I have had a personal commitment since my youth to aid this planet in it's battle against all of the waste we produce to live. I started by making my parents recycle, and have since helped many friends and co-workers start conserving and practicing the three Rs of today: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Beginning in 2001 I helped Kaedden start Earth Peace Systems. They are currently trying to get non-profit status and procure a business loan and/or grants. They intend to build a bio-fuels co-op in the Kansas City area to supply organic soy oil to restaurants for frying, then pick up the used oil to turn into bio-diesel.

Finally, I am scheduled to graduate in May 2k13 with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Geology. Hopefully someone will need a DJ who can test the water quality and sample biota. Oh my, what a resume this will make. My focus at the end of my studies has been on water geology, ecology, freshwater and marine biology, and ecotoxicology. Look for my Environmental Science Resume at my Faulted Geologist Homepage.

Some Home and Life Improvements: