Forever Vinyl DJs

Forever Vinyl DJs Travels Nationwide.

FVDJs will travel to you no matter how far you live from Denver or Kansas City. Circa 2014 I drove to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch to DJ. Audio, lights, turntables, records, plus camping and rock climbing gear. We climbed by day, bouldered by night, and went caving or spelunking before coming back home. The bride and groom said we did the most amazing job and that our mixes of the music and blending of the beats set it off and blew their minds. Congratulations, Bryan and Paige.

Colorado Front Range DJ Service Area

Any excuse to see the mountains is a joy for DJ Cruu. Do you want a ski wedding or a cyclist wedding? We will meet you at the summit and party in the valley! Ultra-portable rigs available.

Denver DJ

The main DJ rig is in Denver, Colorado. DJ Clint moved in 2019 to get a little higher. Ski resort weddings are the rage! I've made contact with Copper Mountain, and frequent Winter Park for the uphill. Let's say some vows and shred!

Boulder DJ

Boulder is just north of homebase, and a regular climbing destination. Let's put some stellar plans together with the Flatirons as a backdrop.

Ft. Collins DJ

East of Rocky Mountain National Park, weighing in at 12oz, Fort Collins Brewing Company! I hardly drink anymore, but a FoCo beer would be perfect to discuss your wedding reception plans. Let DJ Clint bring the noise up north!

Kansas City DJ

Kansas City DJ gigs are always go. Missouri gigs in the boonies require some rock formations. Definitely check out the winery at Rocheport along the Katy Trail.