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FVDJs Approved DJ Computers

Before looking at computers and becoming discouraged, realize that the computer you already have will work just fine if it is from the past decade. Buy the best DJ controller you can afford now, as that is what you will learn on.

You are buying a software license as well, so use what you've got if it means getting a better Serato or Traktor controller and license. If the specs requirements confuse you, contact me and we'll find the answer.

The choice in computer platforms between Apple and Windows is simple: Buy a MacBook Pro. The computer is built for audio and video use. OSX makes app installs simple, and external devices rarely require a driver.

When a driver is required in OSX, the process is as easy as app installs and it doesn't go through a loading and needs to re-download drivers phase. Most audio items are simply plug-n-play.

I went through issue after issue with Windows, made the switch, and never looked back. Yes, the window close buttons are on the other side of the screen. Learn and improve, that is just the beginning.

Used MBPs are a viable solution as well, though when you are on a newer computer the load times and analysis are much faster. We can discuss which models and specs are necessary for your needs in the Patreon DJ Lessons.

RAM vs HD for DJs is a simple decision now - RAM (temporary memory) has to be maxxed out to be futureproof with MBPs as their RAM is soldered on to the motherboard. Almost all of the HDs (hard drives) are soldered on, but external drives and usb drives can assist ridiculously large musicl collections and mp3s are so small that you can hold almost all you can afford. Moving pictures to an external drive is an efficient way to manage HD space. Splurge for RAM now or pay Apple to unsolder and resolder the chips to upgrade later.

(Disclaimer: Amazon linked, I get a couple bones if you purchase within 24hrs, so please return here if not ready to buy today...)

Patreon DJ Lessons Platform

16" MBP MacBook Pro with Dedicated Graphics

MacBook Pro laptops are prolific like Pioneer DJ mixers for one reason: they just work better for professionals. The way OSX handles the file system and memory is simply different. Yes, it costs more than a PC usually, but a similar PC costs a lot more than what is in the ads.

A dedicated graphics chip takes the strain off the processor to allow full use for programs. Dedicated graphics chips use more energy if you are away from the power supply, but provide a much cooler experience with the retina display, both in temperature and graphics. While not necessary, I will never buy outside this class of MBP.

13" MBP MacBook Pro

This 13" MBP doesn't really save you much, maybe since there is a bigger discount on the 16". It fits in a smaller space, but will leave you desiring a larger screen once you try Traktor or Serato DJ on it.

Alienware M15 17.6"

Alienware is the original gaming desktop and laptop maker. Insist on Windows PCs? Go big if you can. These investments in hardware pay off down the road, so eliminate your other expenses and get a rad machine.

Alienware M15 15.6"

Two hard drives in a laptop? It appears to have a SSD for the OS and a Hybrid Drive for storage. Okay, now I'm considering a Windows purchase. This Alienware laptop has the requisite 16GB RAM and enough fire under the hood to shred tracks for a decade! Hmmmm...

2020 HP

Newest HP 17" Business Laptop

Smoking laptop deals exist, like this HP with integrated graphics. The Amazon seller opens the box to upgrade the memory to a 16GB chipset, and if you choose a larger HD option they do the same.

If on a budget, this will get you through for a long time while also acting as your business computer. I'll continue searching the deals and updating the page with the latest info. Contact me before purchasing if you have any questions, I love to help!